Age Support Almanzora Information Page

We have lots of information available for the elderly and we are building on this all the time.
If you require any information, please contact us on 634 333 544 or better still call in if you are passing and we will do our best to help.

We are also working on additional leaflets being available as downloads, attachments to emails as well as in paper form for those of you who do not use computers.


We have the following leaflets available and more are planned shortly, please click on the little icon to download or email us for your required leaflet(s).

  •   Caring for Your Own Health
  •   Coping with Stress and Depression
  •   Coping with Guilt and Resentment
  •   Moving and Lifting Someone with Dementia

Health Centres

Making an appointment at the Medical Centre
A link for online appointments with your doctor and instructions on how to navigate their pages is on a separate page here...

24 Hour Chemist Rotas

If you need a pharmacia out of normal hours..
A link for with the local rotas of 24 hour chemists for the whole of Almeria. here...

Licences (Various)

Building Licences

Dog Licences

For information on rules and regulations for building licences and what are classed as dangerous dogs in Spain, details are on this page.

Telephone Numbers

A list of telephone numbers you might find useful is on this page.